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phpBB پر طرفدارترین سیستم تالارگفتگو در جهان !

پست توسط Meis@M » سه شنبه 6 تیر 1396, 10:11 pm

InfophpBB پر طرفدارترین سیستم تالارگفتگو در جهان !

در سال 2016 و نیمه نخست 2017 سیستم انجمن ساز phpBB به عنوان پرطرفدارترین سیستم تالارگفتگو در جهان معرفی شد.به نقل از کمپانی eukhost سیستم phpBB در رده نخست قرار گرفت و SMF جایگاه دوم رو تصاحب کرد.

معرفی 10 انجمن ساز برتر دنیا :
1. phpBB

phpBB is a free and open source forum software that can be used to connect to a group of people. You can create a forum within no time with its extensive database and user created modifications including a lot of style and image packages through which you can customize your forum board. If your focus is on a start-up community then, you shouldn’t think of anything else. It is the most popular forum software; however, the construction of the database is a little compromised on admin usability, which is one of its drawbacks.

2. Simple Machines Forum

If your major concern is security then SMF is one among the foremost well-liked forum software package in terms of security and easy installation making it the most effective forum software. SMF is written in the most popular language and uses a MySQL database. It helps you to make high quality discussion forum which can be customized easily. However, it just has few plugins related to SEO which becomes a hitch when it comes to SEO.

3. Vanilla Forums

This forum package is free open source which is best looking, very flexible and versatile with best installation systems. It is a cloud based solution. If you are a SME, vanilla forums are best for you. It is simple and easy to use however, backed with multiple premium features. They provide you full flexibility for your forum style, single-sign-on capability for external sites and applications and versatile design that permits custom made plugins.

4. MyBB

MyBB is again an open PHP and MySQL supported software. It uses an intuitive admin panel, making it easy for the customers to start and reply to the discussions. The forum moderators can use MyBB’s inline piece of writing and moderation options to manage discussion and keep the forum tidy.

5. vBulletin

This forum is one of the most preferred paid forum software on the internet. Many of the prominent websites and large organizations have vBulletin as their first choice. It has some great in-built features like, photo albums, discussion and forum, calendar, events management, polls, blogs etc. Depending upon your needs you have option to choose from its three different versions: publishing suite, forum classic and mobile suite which varies in costing as well.

6. IP Board

It is considered as the most powerful and engaging forum platform to enable discussion on your website. It is a paid platform offering all inclusive tools that help users to have a discussion in a stress free environment. Users get an added advantage of sharing and promoting their content form their website. It leaves you worry less as you don’t have to take care and handle the installations and upgrades

7. XenForo

XenForo is a compelling community experience bringing a fresh outlook to forum software. It is paid software using PHP language. If your main objective is SEO, then you should choose XenForo as it has some pretty good inbuilt SEO features. Moreover, some great add - ons, social engagement, easy styling etc. will give you an intuitive and fast experience.

8. bbPress

bbPress is installed by the users having WordPress websites created by WordPress makers. One can easily set up discussions on his website using bbPress. It is easy to use and administrate and promises speed and easy integration. Its simplicity and well implemented features makes it different from others

9. Phorum

Phorum is a PHP and MySQL supported open source forum software. Here you have the freedom to make your message board do what you desire to do. You also have the autonomy to rearrange your data in any form as per your wish. Its versatile hook and module system permit a webmaster to form modules for using external authentication; sterilizing message knowledge before it’s stored, adding custom data regarding users or messages and much more.

10. FluxBB

If you don’t need those extra and fancy forum features, then this software is apt for you. It is promised as lighter, faster and user-friendly forum software for your website. It is simple and has a proven record of stability and security making it a perfect forum selection for your website. -

برتری phpBB نسبت به سایر نسخه ها ، عرضه زود هنگام آپدیت های جدید ، پشتیبانی قوی ، امنیت فوق العاده بالا و انعطاف پذیری زیاد برای تغییرات بزرگ عنوان شده است.


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