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Founder & Administrator
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افزونه پرتال ساده Simple Content Management برای phpBB

پست توسط Meis@M » سه شنبه 8 خرداد 1397, 2:26 am

Infoافزونه پرتال ساده Simple Content Management برای phpBB

توسط این افزونه میتوانید یک صفحه پرتال خبری/آموزشی برای انجمن خودتون درست کنید.

لیست امکانات:
  • Create article pages or news items alongside your phpBB installation
  • Auto-generate a menu bar in overall_header
  • Enable or disable this menu bar
  • Moderators can edit or hide any article
  • Abuse prevention
  • Specify permissions for posting articles
  • Use the phpBB style system
  • Use phpBB log
  • Tied into the phpBB breadcrumbs
  • Upload images
  • Use CKEditor with image browse system
  • Use the forum for article comments, a forum topic will be automatically created when posting an article
  • Use categories to place your articles
  • Define commenting forum for each category or disable comments for single articles or an entire category
  • Latest article excerpts are shown at your index page and category pages
  • The username is displayed as article author, the user avatar (or default blank avatar) is displayed at category and index pages.
  • Left sidebar with login/logout, recent forum topics and user stats
  • Right sidebar with custom HTML (for advertisements or whatever you like)
  • Responsive design
  • Article counter for each user in it's profile, linking to a list with all their created articles

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